Occupy Wall Street – Show Up for School

November 22, 2011 at 8:07 AM Leave a comment

The Occupy Wall Street movement is a vitally important cause with many supporters as well as cling-ons. Please leave its crucial message on the US and world economies intact. The legacy of education reform is essential to our children and our economy, but we must maintain a separate identity. Please…Don’t call it Occupy the Schools.

The world is trapped in the trenches economically. We must address our woes through stimulation of the economy, investments in local production, and reversal of the toxic alchemy in financial instruments. There is nothing more vital to the survival of our political economy than substantive change in the form of long-term redistribution of wealth away from imprudent investors, the alienated ultra-rich, and our overseas creditors. Implicit in that political economy is a market economy that is responsive to money as well as the political strength of the democracy when lack of money silences too many would-be participants.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstration is functional, meaningful, and deserving of fiscal and monetary policy response. We must cautiously avoid added baggage on the coattails of the movement that might reduce the impact of its primary message.


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