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The Case for Career Mobility

The revolving door for newcomers, the pension trap, and the toxic culture of a flat pyramid contribute to the breakdown in public education. Today, students may pursue their diplomas through traditional classrooms, online courses, and dual enrollment in college. Just as the doors are opening and the walls are coming down for students, teachers and administrators would benefit from access to career detours outside of their districts.

 An enlightened workforce would bring benefits to any education complex, adding…

  • Perspective from educators in other districts or career paths;
  • Management tools from other industries and organizations;
  • Credible knowledge of practical ways to apply lessons learned in school;
  • Insight for organizational effectiveness and culture; and
  • Creativity from a fresh look at the milieu.

 Access to 401K plans, Social Security, and other retirement options would improve equity and fiscal prudence for all educators. In addition, districts should allow employees to leave and return later without loss of service credits. A sunset clause should be introduced to union contracts for an orderly transition to pension plans with transferable contributions.

 Leaving one’s job is not the only solution. New teacher induction programs that offer mentoring and retention incentives are a topic for another day; likewise, in-district professional development. However, removal of the barriers to mobility is crucial to enlightened self-interest for educators.

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